Integumentary System

                                              Integumentary System:

Listed below in this website is various websites both factual and interactive about the integumentary system. 
In other tabs there are sites for more information about the anatomy and physiology of the skin, an overview of skin and diseases of the skin. Along with the sites are powerpoints over the topics, that fellow classmates made over what they've learned. 

Factual Websites:

  • Integumentary System slides (3):                   
  • 10 fast facts about skin:       
  • Skin Indicators:                      
  • Question and Answers Site:
  • TEACHER lesson plans:     
  • Integumentary system facts:
  • Links to powerpoint presentations for all ages about skin:          

Interactive Websites: 

  • As you arrive on this website you see that this website has links to facts according to topic of the integumentary system. In the left hand column there is an option of flashcards; click it and then select "5- The Integumentary System." After that, the student can quiz themselves on the information they have just learned. Another option the website below has is crossword puzzles. When you first arrive on the website, scroll down, and there is an option for crossword puzzles, as well as quizzes to see what you've learned!  Enjoy!

  • A game of jeopardy over the integumentary system!

  • In coming onto this website you initially start out on a flashcard review; above the flashcard is a link to a matching game over the integumentary system! Both of those are great opportunities to learn more about the skin!

  • Integumentary system game and two quizzes are at this link below:

  • Flashcards over the integumentary system:

  • Integumentary System Word Search: